Margaret Andersen

Recognizing Margaret Andersen for the recent publication of her first book, Regeneration through Empire: French Pronatalists and Colonial Settlement in the Third Republic, 1870-1940

Luke Harlow

Recognizing Luke Harlow for the recent publication of his first book, Religion, Race, and the Making of Confederate Kentucky, 1830-1880.

Bob Hutton

Recognizing Bob Hutton for the awards received for his book Bloody Breathitt: Politics and Violence in the Appalachian South.

Tina Shepardson

Recognizing Tina Shepardson, for the publication of her second book Controlling Contested Places: Late Antique Antioch and the Spatial Politics of Religious Controversy.

Michael Cohen

Recognizing Michael Cohen for his research and scholarship on the history of politics and education in the nineteenth-century United States.

Markus Kohl

Recognizing Markus Kohl for the publication of four research articles on Kant in highly selective top-tier journals.