Harry Dahms

The Diversity of Social Theories

Author: Harry F. Dahms
Since the time when Talcott Parsons pursued the project of one overarching general theory of society, the landscape of social theory has vastly changed, and the pluralism and multidimensionality increased tremendously. This volume presents alternative trajectories for how to take steps toward achieving a theoretically informe

The Vitality of Critical Theory

Author: Harry F. Dahms
The common theme of this volume is that the critical theory of the Frankfurt School is as important today, if not more so, as it was at its inception during the 1930s. The book looks at the distinguishing features of this tradition and how it is critical, yet also complementary, of other approaches in the social sciences, esp

Theorizing the Dynamics of Social Processes

Co-Editor: Harry Dahms
The chapters in this volume represent steps in the direction of demonstrating the importance of efforts to theorize the dynamics of specific social, cultural, political, and/or economic processes to the social sciences in general. They aim to clarify how those efforts are central to the core mission of each of the social scie