Monodies and On the Relics of Saints: The Autobiography and a Manifesto of a French Monk from the Time of the Crusades

Co-editor: Jay Rubenstein
The first Western autobiography since Augustine’s Confessions, the Monodies is set against the backdrop of the First Crusade and offers stunning insights into medieval society. It is joined in this volume by On the Relics of Saints, a theological manifesto that has never appeared in English until now.

Rethinking Anthropological Perspectives on Migration

Co-editor: Graciela Cabana
All too often, anthropologists study specific facets of human migration without guidance from the other subdisciplines (archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics) that can provide new insights on the topic. This book brings together new methods to detect and assess the scale of past migr

Experiencing Service-Learning

Co-authors: Robert Kronick and Robert Cunningham
This book reveals the important practical, educational, and emotional benefits provided by college programs that allow students to help others through service work in inner-city classrooms, clinics, and other challenging environments. Filled with vivid first-person reflections by students, the book e

Displacing the State: Religion and Conflict in Neoliberal Africa

Co-editor: Rosalind Hackett
In colonial Africa, Christianity has often supported, sustained, and legitimated a violent process of governance. More recently, however, following decades of violence and oppression, churches and religious organizations have mobilized African publics against corrupt and abusive regimes and facilitated new forms of recon