Anglo-Saxon Prognostics

Editor: Roy Liuzza
Medieval prognostic texts – a survival from the classical world – are the ancestors of modern almanacs. This volume provides the first full critical edition of a diverse and peculiar group of prognostic guides and calendars found in an eleventh-century manuscript from Christ Church, Canterbury.

Theoretical and Technological Advancements in Nanotechnology and Molecular Computation: Interdisciplinary Gains

Author: Bruce MacLennan
Nanotechnology and molecular computation are two of the fastest advancing areas in recent years. Gaining attention over the past few decades, these fields are steadily becoming cornerstones of our developing culture in the 21st century. This book compiles research in areas where nanoscience and computer science meet.

Interpreting in Multilingual, Multicultural Contexts

Co-Editor: Jeffrey E. Davis
International authorities contribute their research and findings to this book, probing the complex nature of interpreted interaction involving Deaf and hearing people of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. They also analyze the contextualized interpreting practices and considerations that transpire from this div

Hand Talk: Sign Language among American Indian Nations

Author: Jeffrey E. Davis
American Indian nations of the Great Plains and cultural groups bordering this geographic area spoke so many different languages that verbal communication between them was difficult. As extensive trade networks developed and political alliances became necessary, an elegant language of the hands developed that cut across spo

Principles of Financial Management

Author: Ramon P. DeGennaro
Traditional financial management texts are typically overloaded with analysis of financial statements and number crunching and offer students little in the way of practical general principles. This book is designed to supplement these textbooks with a selection of readings that focus on general principles to deliver a tim

Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing

Co-Authors: Kate Vitasek, Mike Ledyard and Karl Manrodt
Change is the new status quo in today’s business world. New smart, lean, and more efficient methods for increasing a company’s market share and top line have been created, and the adoption of their methods and practices will be the differentiator between growth or failure in this n