The Life, Art, and Times of Joseph Delaney, 1904-1991

Author: Frederick C. Moffatt
This book is the first in-depth treatment of the life and work of the prolific African American painter Joseph Delaney, a gifted artist whose impressive achievements on canvas were somewhat overshadowed during his long career by those of his older brother Beauford.

Tall Fescue for the Twenty-first Century

Co-author: Henry A. Fribourg
The story of tall fescue is not just a story for grass scientists, but for scientists. Beginning with the discovery of a green Kentucky pasture, and the spiral of poor animal performance that followed, the study of tall fescue is an ongoing puzzle.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Norton Critical Editions)

Co-Editor: Laura L. Howes
This Norton Critical Edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight includes a newly revised verse translation with supporting materials. The text is accompanied by a detailed introduction, an essay on the metrical form, the translator’s note, marginal glosses, and explanatory annotations to assist readers in the study o