Blacks in Tennessee: Past and Present

Author: Wornie Reed
Black Tennesseans knew achievement and degradation, fairness and discrimination, success and failure over the course of the twentieth century. But 100 years later, African Americans in Tennessee had risen to a much higher placeā€”in their own estimation and that of their white neighbors.

R for SAS and SPSS Users

Author: Robert A. Muenchen
R is a powerful and free software system for data analysis and graphics, with over 1,200 add-on packages available. This book introduces R using SAS and SPSS terms with which statisticians, analysts, and researchers are already familiar.

Sherman’s March in Myth and Memory

Authors: Edward Caudill and Paul Ashdown
General William Tecumseh Sherman’s devastating “March to the Sea” in 1864 burned a swath through the cities and countryside of Georgia and into the history of the American Civil War. Edward Caudill and Paul Ashdown provide a brief overview of Sherman’s life, his March, and the myths t

Digital Color Image Processing

Authors: Andreas Koschan and Mongi Abidi
In addition to introducing readers to important new technologies in the field, Digital Color Image Processing also contains topics such as improving three-dimensional reconstruction, three-dimensional computer vision, and emerging areas of safety and security applications in luggage inspection and video surv