Philip Sidney and the Poetics of Renaissance Cosmopolitanism

Author: Robert E. Stillman
Celebrations of literary fictions as autonomous worlds appeared first in the Renaissance and were occasioned, paradoxically, by their power to remedy the ills of history. Stillman explores this paradox in relation to Philip Sidney’s “Defence of Poesy”, the first Renaissance text to argue for the preemine

Mastering Bankruptcy

Author: George W. Kuney
Mastering Bankruptcy is a succinct, practical guide to the intricacies of Title 11 of the United States Code. By weaving together the purpose and the practical effect of the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure with illustrative examples, this book will greatly assist those who are

Mastering Intellectual Property

Co-Author: George W. Kuney
Mastering Intellectual Property is a practical guide to the intricacies of trade secret, patent, copyright, moral rights, trademark, and related fields of intellectual property law. The book is an indispensable aid and supplement to anyone seeking to master the broad spectrum of intellectual property law.

Functional Anatomy for Sport and Exercise: Quick Reference

Author: Clare E. Milner
This book is a quick reference guide to human musculoskeletal anatomy in its moving, active context. An accessible format makes it easy for students to locate clear, concise explanations and descriptions of anatomical structures, human movement terms and key concepts.