Beer in Health and Disease Prevention

Authors: Seung Joon Baek and Seong-Ho Lee
Presenting both the concerns and problems of beer consumption as well as the emerging evidence of benefit, Handbook of Beer Health and Disease Prevention offers a balanced view of today’s findings and the potential of tomorrow’s research.

No Social Science Without Critical Theory, Vol. 25 (Current Perspectives in Social Theory)

Editor: Harry F. Dahms
Since the linguistic turn in Frankfurt School critical theory during the 1970s, philosophical concerns have become increasingly important to its overall agenda, at the expense of concrete social-scientific inquiries. The chapters included in this volume of Current Perspectives in Social Theory highlight the problematic nature

Toni Morrison and the Idea of Africa

Author: La Vinia Delois Jennings
Toni Morrison’s fiction has been read as a contribution to and critique of Western civilization and Christianity. Jennings reveals the fundamental role African traditional religious symbols play in her work.

Plant Propagation: Concepts and Laboratory Exercises

Editors: Caula A. Beyl and Robert N. Trigiano
This book emphasizes plant propagation principles applied in temperate and tropical environments. It combines essential concepts with laboratory exercises that demonstrate how theories behind the concepts work in real-world environments.