The Power of Partnership

Power of Partnership

The power of the partnership between a top-ranked public university and the country’s premier national laboratory is fueling a new era of innovation and research.

Together, the University of Tennessee and nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory are shaping the future of scientific discovery.

The unique partnership between UT and ORNL—aligned with the Tennessee Valley Authority, Y-12 National Security Complex, municipalities, corporations, and nonprofit organizations along with other educational institutions—attracts investments across a range of industries, start-ups, and research and development initiatives.

ORNL and UT anchor the Oak Ridge Corridor, which stretches from the city of Oak Ridge through Knoxville to the Great Smoky Mountains. The Oak Ridge Corridor is home to scientists, educators, innovators, makers, and entrepreneurs. Together these creative minds are building a new American hub of innovation and economic development.

The Future of Medicine

Supercomputers allow today’s scientists to take massive amounts of data and find patterns and insights in minutes instead of decades.

Isotopes using in drug creation
Tracking Cancer Treatment

A new device created will allow doctors to dispense accurate dosages of a drug shown to be effective in treating—and curing—myeloid leukemia.

Lightweight materials for vehicles
More Efficient Vehicles

The power of partnership is transforming automotive manufacturing by improving fuel efficiency, safety, and longevity of Volkswagen vehicles.