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Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore is a PhD student in the College of Social Work. His primary research area is integrated health, particularly psychosocial outcomes in cancer patients and their families. His most recent work involves distress, traumatic stress, and posttraumatic personal growth for patients in oncology settings.

Moore recently received a $40,000 doctoral training grant from the American Cancer Society. This grant is awarded to promising PhD students who are pursuing research relevant to oncology social work. The grant is awarded for an initial 2-year period through a competitive, peer-reviewed application process. In addition to the financial support afforded by the grant, recipients are connected to local cancer resources and present their research at American Cancer Society-sponsored events at major social work conferences. His project, entitled “Distress Screening and Traumatic Stress in Oncology Social Work” will investigate current distress screening methods, as well as the factors that influence levels of stress in cancer patients. This is a timely topic and the results are likely to have significant implications for how social workers assess and serve oncology patients and their families.

In addition, Moore has recently published research articles in Education and Psychological Measurement and Social Work in Health Care. Both are prestigious refereed journals in their fields.

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