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This list of books authored or co-authored by current UT Knoxville faculty is a sample of the rich creativity and rigorous scholarship of our researchers and instructors.

To suggest additions to this list, please contact Charles Primm at 865-974-5180 or primmc@utk.edu.


Judgment Enforcement in Tennessee

Co-author: George Kuney
Judgment Enforcement in Tennessee is a concise treatise covering collection law in that state. It is written in accessible language and draws upon all relevant authorities, including case law and the Tennessee Code Annotated.

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The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle

Editor: John Zomchick
This picaresque tale, first published in 1751, was Tobias Smollett’s second novel. Following the fortunes and misfortunes of the egotistical dandy Peregrine Pickle, the novel is written as a series of brief adventures with every chapter typically describing a new escapade.

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The Influence of Fraternity and Sorority Involvement: A Critical Analysis of Research

Co-editor: Patrick Biddix
Despite negative connotations and empirical evidence to support detrimental aspects of fraternity and sorority membership, decades of nationally representative data show students remain interested in joining. Findings revealed an unexpected amount of scholarly research interest on fraternity and sorority involvement, and membership correlates in the last two decades from a variety of disciplines.

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Human Rights: The Hard Questions

Co-Editor: David Reidy
In this volume distinguished philosophers, political scientists, international lawyers, environmentalists and anthropologists discuss some of the most difficult questions of human rights theory and practice: What do human rights require of the global economy? Does it make sense to secure them by force? What do they require in jus post bello contexts of transitional justice? Is global climate change a human rights issue?

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Why We Harm

Author: Lois Presser
In Why We Harm, Lois Presser scrutinizes accounts of acts as diverse as genocide, environmental degradation, war, torture, terrorism, homicide, rape, and meat-eating in order to develop an original theoretical framework with which to consider harmful actions and their causes. In doing so, this timely book presents a general theory of harm, revealing the commonalities between actions that impose suffering and cause destruction.

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