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This list of books authored or co-authored by current UT Knoxville faculty is a sample of the rich creativity and rigorous scholarship of our researchers and instructors.

To suggest additions to this list, please contact Charles Primm at 865-974-5180 or primmc@utk.edu.


The End of Satisfaction: Drama and Repentance in the Age of Shakespeare

Author: Heather Hirschfeld
This book recovers the historical specificity and the conceptual vigor of the term “satisfaction” during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

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Controlling Contested Places: Late Antique Antioch and the Spatial Politics of Religious Controversy

Author: Christine Shepardson
This book maps the city of Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) through the topographically sensitive vocabulary of cultural geography, demonstrating the critical role played by physical and rhetorical spatial contests during the tumultuous fourth century.

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Hiking Trails of the Great Smoky Mountains

Author: Kenneth Wise
This book is an essential guide to one of America’s most breathtaking and rugged national parks. The second edition is completely updated, giving outdoor enthusiasts the most current information they need to explore this world-renowned wilderness.

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Sun, Wind, and Light: Architectural Design Strategies

Co-author: Mark DeKay
This book is an updated guide to designing buildings that heat with the sun, cool with the wind, and light with the sky. The fully updated third edition covers principles of designing buildings that use the sun for heating, wind for cooling, and daylight for natural lighting.

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Judgment Enforcement in Tennessee

Co-author: George Kuney

Judgment Enforcement in Tennessee is a concise treatise covering collection law in that state. It is written in accessible language and draws upon all relevant authorities, including case law and the Tennessee Code Annotated.

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