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This list of books authored or co-authored by current UT Knoxville faculty is a sample of the rich creativity and rigorous scholarship of our researchers and instructors.

To suggest additions to this list, please contact Charles Primm at 865-974-5180 or primmc@utk.edu.


Energy Choices: How to Power the Future

Contributor: Becky Jacobs
Energy is a critical public concern in the 21st century. This two-volume compendium discusses traditional energy sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, as well as new and emerging energy sources.

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Libertarian Free Will: Contemporary Debates

Editor: David Palmer
According to the libertarian position on free will, people sometimes exercise free will, but this freedom is incompatible with the truth of causal determinism. This book is a collection of new essays on the libertarian position on free will and related issues that focuses specifically on the views of Robert Kane.

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Recent Developments in Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Co-editor: Xiaobing Feng
The field of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods has attracted considerable recent attention from scholars in the applied sciences and engineering. Derived from the 2012 Barrett Lectures at UT, this volume brings together scholars working in this area, each representing a particular theme or direction of current research.

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Criminal Procedure, Eighth Edition

Co-authors: Melanie D. Wilson, Joseph G. Cook, Paul Marcus
This book reflects a balanced blend of conventional casebook style, practice problems, concise text, and sample forms and documents that stresses the interplay of constitutional principles and practical considerations that confront both prosecution and defense attorneys.

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Commingled Human Remains: Methods in Recovery, Analysis, and Identification

Contributor: Amy Mundorff
Commingled human remains are encountered in situations ranging from prehistoric ossuaries to recent mass fatality incidents. Regardless of the cause for the commingling (transportation disaster, terrorist attack, natural disaster, genocide, etc.), it is critical that the proper experts are involved and that the proper techniques are employed.

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