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Southern Manuscript Sermons before 1800: A Bibliography

May 16, 2011
Southern Manuscript Sermons before 1800: A Bibliography

Southern Manuscript Sermons before 1800: A Bibliography

Author: Michael Lofaro

Author info: Professor of English

Publication Date: September 2010

Publisher: Newfound Press

Synopsis: This book is the first guide to the study of the manuscript sermon literature of the Southern colonies/states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The bibliography contains entries for more than 1,600 sermons by more than a hundred ministers affiliated with eight denominations. The compilation provides a previously unavailable major tool for research into the early South. The bibliography is also available online. This database contains the same in-depth descriptions of these sermons, more than 90 percent of which are unknown. It provides multiple avenues of access. Searches can be constructed and limited by single or combined criteria of author, repository, book of the Bible, date, state, denomination, keyword, and short title. The bibliography will aid many disciplines—religion, cultural and American studies, history, literature, political science, sociology, psychology, and more—and all those who wish to interpret the past and its effect upon the present.