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Mark Harmon

May 14, 2010

Mark D. Harmon

Mark D. Harmon

Mark D. Harmon, an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Electronic Media, is presenting a paper entitled “Promoting Social Change: Historical Lessons from Media and the Vietnam Veterans against the War” at the 11th Annual Graduate Conference, Observing, Promoting and Resisting Social Change: Perspectives from the Social Sciences, at the London School of Economics & Political Science on May 21-22. He also is presenting another research paper and a poster in London this summer while leading an overseas study program there. His book Found, Featured, then Forgotten has just been accepted for publication by UT’s Newfound Press. Harmon was also recently awarded the annual Distinguished Service Award by the College of Communication and Information. He currently serves on the Knox County Commission.

Selected Publications

“Religious Groups and ‘Affluenza’: Further Exploration of the TV-Materialism Link,” accepted for the Spring 2010 issue of Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.

“Political Economy on the Picket Line: U. S. Network Television News Coverage of Strikes,” accepted for Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.

“That is Not Goldfish Swallowing: Newsreels Encounter Protests against the Vietnam War,” accepted for a Spring or Summer 2010 issue of Visual Communication Quarterly.

“Semantic Framing of the Iraq War: Fox v. CNN and other U.S. Broadcast News Programs,” (co-authored with Bob Muenchen) ETC: A Review of General Semantics, April 2009, pp. 12-26.

“Arab Youth: TV Viewing and Affluenza,” Arab Media & Society (online journal), September 2008, http://www.arabmediasociety.com.

“Does Affluenza Spread Quickly?  A Historical Case Study from Spain,” (co-authored with Nuria Cruz-Camara) International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, Vol. 4, No. 1 (January 2008), pp. 87-92.

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