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Vejas Liulevicius

November 6, 2009

Vejas Liulevicius

Vejas Liulevicius

Vejas Liulevicius, Lindsay Young Associate Professor of History, recently published The German Myth of the East, 1800 to the Present.  This is a study of the way in which Germans have viewed the lands and peoples of Eastern Europe over the last two centuries and up to the present day. Their perceptions have been a complex mixture of attraction and repulsion, fascinations and fears, covering a spectrum from Romantic sympathies to the racial hatreds espoused by the Nazis. This book argues that this crucial international relationship has been vital to how Germans have defined their own national identity and position in the world.

Liulevicius is an internationally known scholar of modern German history, WWI, and diplomatic history.  He is also the Director of UTK’s Center for the Study of War and Society.

Selected Publications

(Forthcoming) “Das Besatzungsregime von Ober-Ost im Vergleich in Besatzungserfahrungen in Europa (1914-1945), ed. Nicolas Beaupré et al. (Klartext, 2008) [translation in German of 2006 article from Histoire et Societes].

(Forthcoming) “German-Occupied Eastern Europe” in The Blackwell Companion to the First World War, ed. John Horne (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, 2010).

The German Myth of the East: 1800 to the Present (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009).

“Building Nationalism: Monuments, Museums, and the Politics of War Memory in Interwar Lithuania” in Nordost-Archiv, vol. XXII ( 2008) : 230-47.

“German Military Occupation and Culture on the Eastern Front in World War I”, in The Germans and the East, ed. Charles Ingrao, et al. (Purdue University Press, 2008) : 201-208.

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