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Pushing different lab benches together to solve some of the nation’s most pressing health care challenges.

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Our researchers and scholars pursue hows and whys; their discoveries impact how we live, work and understand our world.

Our world-renowned partnerships with Oak Ridge National Laboratory make East Tennessee a hub for solving pressing global problems.

The life of our university is colored by creative cultural activities and research: by literature, art, music, film, and every variety of performance.

These multi-media profiles give an up-close and personal look at our top scholars as they discuss impacts and outcomes of their research projects.

Our areas of expertise reflect world-class research and creative activity that elevate our students and advance the frontiers of knowledge.

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Creative Activities, Stories »

The Best Possible Light

After some early drama, a unique theater project gets rave reviews.

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Shaping the Future, Stories »

Going for Gold

Hosting an international sporting event can be a great source of pride but is unlikely to pay off financially.

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Big Science, Stories »

Go with the Flow

UT’s new water flume is the premier destination for those seeking the thrill of hydraulic knowledge.

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Big Science, Shaping the Future, Stories »

Numbers Expert

Eliminating errors from computer calculations generates more realistic simulations.

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Answering QUESTions, Stories »

Significant Slumber

Shedding light on how critical sleep patterns vary across our life span.

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Shaping the Future, Stories »

Irrepressible Contrarian

Pioneer blogger, prolific writer, and law professor Glenn Reynolds applies his unique perspective on just about everything.

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Answering QUESTions, Stories »

Stress Test

An undergraduate researcher examines the behavior and biology of brain strain.

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